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"I am 13 years old, and the oldest [child] in the family. There are 10 children altogether. With great joy, we listen to your programs. My youngest brothers and sisters love to sit down together to listen to The Little Spring. This program is a real spring to us. The Bible stories and testimonies about other boys and girls strengthen our faith in God. I love to listen to your youth and teen programs as well. You address subjects and answer many questions that so far are unknown to me. But they help me to trust God, and know that everything in life goes according to the will of God. Your programs give us unforgettable moments and leave deep prints in our souls


This encouraging letter comes from a TWR listener in Nepal.

I grew up as a devotee of my family religion, where we worshipped nature – I would pray to the trees, the stones, the sun and the moon. When I was in my 20s, someone told me about Jesus Christ, and I became a Christian.

However, I was not very interested in learning more about Christ and Christianity, even though there was a church and some Christian families near my home. I did not really understand my new faith, and I still performed all those rituals I had grown up with.

I would have passed my days in this way, if I had not met a Christian brother from TWR-Nepal. He told me about a radio program called Marg Darshan in the Tharu language, gave me a program schedule and encouraged me to listen to it.

As I listened to the programs, I came to understand the meaning of Jesus’ sacrificial love and his gift of salvation. My heart was touched, and I was inspired to dedicate myself to Christ. I began to attend church, and I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Now, my relationship with my Savior has become stronger, and I no longer follow all the old rituals. I am being transformed in Jesus day by day.

I would never have thought that I would receive salvation, the right of sonship and new life in Jesus through his living Word broadcast over a radio program! I am so happy and I want to give thanks to Jesus for his sacrificial love. I also give thanks to TWR-Nepal for providing and airing the programs in our own Tharu language. May God bless your ministry!

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